Concentrating Solar Power

Scientists are developing a form of solar power that could provide clean energy across North Africa, the Middle East and eventually Europe. It's called Concentrating Solar Power, or CSP. This report from Monica Whitlock
Concentrating Solar Power is a breakthrough in energy production. Using stacks of mirrors, it intensifies sunlight so much that a single plant can provide the needs of a modern city.
CSP scientists are hoping to develop especially the Sahara - the world's largest hot desert. CSP mirrors across only one per cent of the Sahara, they say, would meet the electricity needs of the whole world - with no pollution and no greenhouse gasses.
The first CSP tower is already producing, at Seville in southern Spain, where Europe almost touches the Maghreb. Similar projects are planned in Morocco, in Egypt, and the Gulf States. Eventually, the idea is to export electricity to Europe. Algeria is already in talks with Germany about selling clean, green power.
The projects will of course take huge investment. CSP scientists hope that European countries will take the lead and forge new partnerships with Africa, seeing their own future at stake.