Nissan Navara scores worst for safety

Cars on a road The European body responsible for testing new cars has demanded a popular model of pick-up truck to be recalled after giving it poor safety ratings. Experts say the poor design of the Nissan Navara made deaths and serious injuries more likely in an accident. This report from Tom Symonds
The Nissan Navara is marketed as a rough and tough off-road vehicle. Sometimes used for transporting goods or equipment, it's increasingly popular as a recreational car.
But the Euro NCAP test revealed its airbags opened too slowly and seatbelts didn't provide enough protection during a collision. The body shell of the vehicle wasn't strong enough, and the foot well deformed on impact, putting the driver at risk of injuries from the foot pedals. Another pickup truck, the Isuzu Dmax, also scored poorly with just two stars.
Nissan said the problem with the airbags only affected 2008 models of the Navara. It's inviting owners to have their airbag settings changed, and Euro NCAP to publish test results for the modified vehicle.
Tom Symonds, BBC