ISTANBUL – Hürriyet

Turkish construction company Ayfa İnşaat has completed 70 percent of its YTL 30 million ($ 24,475,410) Casa Grande housing project in Istanbul's Ümraniye district.
Having started the construction in July 2007, the company has managed to sell 55 percent of its houses so far. Covering a total area of 14,000 square meters, the project consists of 135 apartments in 12 blocs. With 25 different alternatives of apartments in various sizes, Ayfa İnşaat offers houses from 77 to 290 square meters for upper income groups.
Meanwhile, the sale prices of the apartments range between YTL 120-380,000 ($97,901-310,022). Ayfa İnşaat intends to terminate the project by the end of this year.
The company launched the Casa Mia project of 10 villas in the last month and they also plan to initiate three more projects, Casa Perla, Casa Verde and Casa Fiore this year. Meanwhile, the company launched to construct Casa Vista project of 54 residences, stores and offices in Kyrgyzstan last month.
�Given the demand for high quality apartments, we presume that the construction sector will continue to grow after the stagnation period,� said Arafat Yaşaroğlu, owner of Ayfa İnşaat.