ALANYA - Anatolia News Agency

Turkey's first sea park, located in Turkey's Mediterranean city of Alanya, is currently under construction.
Bülent Özsavaş, an official from the private construction company responsible for building the amusement park, said works for the Sealanya Sea Park have been underway for the past year.
Özsavaş said the sea park requires a big budget and it is often difficult to make ends meet. The park covers an area of 5,000 hectares and includes 15 pools, six of which will be used for dolphin shows and dolphin therapy. There are also separate tanks for sharks, manta fish and seals and reef pools for thousands of fish species.
The pools will be filled with sea water provided by 11 huge filters. Özsavaş said the sea park is expected to cost some 12 million euros, but that it will contribute greatly to boosting tourism in the city and improving the socioeconomic situation of the region in general.
He said an artificial river filled with fresh water is also within the plans. The facility will be open to visitors all year round.
Özsavaş said the dolphins were already working with 10 trainers to help handicapped children in the future.
He underlined that many Europeans have already made reservations for dolphin therapy, sessions of which are planned to take place especially in the winter months.