Sultan Camp is a family-run camping site. The chef of Sultan Camp’s restaurant, Selda Doğan, is originally from Istanbul and with over 10 years experience in various restaurants in the city, her area of expertise is pastries and bread making

ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

On Turkey's southwestern coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera, 20 miles from the crowded resort town of Ölüdeniz lies the enchanting valley of Kabak.
Unlike the concrete regions of Fethiye and Göcek, this remote and government-protected area is untouched by construction, making it a truly natural environment. Situated inside this magical valley, the Sultan Camp Restaurant serves organic food in an unadulterated natural atmosphere. The restaurant's ingredients are grown in its own garden or bought at the local village market, from which its chef, who practices yoga daily, creates truly inspired creations.
Kabak Valley is situated right next to the hippy-filled Butterfly Valley, which is home to thousands of butterfly species, and around 20 miles from Ölüdeniz in Fethiye, Muğla. Fortunately, due to restricted building laws, concrete structures are illegal and guests stay in simple wooden bungalows or tents. Therefore, most visitors are backpacking, bohemian travelers from England, Australia, the United States, Italy, and, of course, Turkey. Consequently, the culinary options include primarily regional vegetarian dishes and local seafood.
Sultan Camp is a family run campsite based around its homely dining area. The seasonal chef for the restaurant, Selda Doğan, is originally from Istanbul. With over ten years experience in various restaurants in Istanbul, her area of expertise is pastries and bread products. In such a secluded area, with no stress and lots of local ingredients to choose from, she prepares around five original, typically vegetable-based dishes daily.
For Doğan it all begins each morning with baking the bread! “I take great joy in making bread in the mornings. It also inspires me about the day's menu while baking”, Selda claims. Two types of bread are produced daily at Sultan Camp's cozy kitchen—whole-wheat rye and white bread with fennel, herbs, and olive oil. For breakfast, a traditional Turkish breakfast is offered, including homemade bread, homemade olive oil and olives collected from nearby trees, tomatoes and cucumbers acquired from Fethiye's Friday villager bazaar, homemade jam, organic honey, and cheese from local goats milk. Fresh squeezed orange juice is literally made from oranges from a nearby orange tree…