ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

The president of Israel-based seeding company Hazera is a Turk � but he's no ordinary Turk. He is experiencing the expatriate life in a unique way.
As a member of Turkey's Jewish community, Robert Sevil grew up in Istanbul's Nişantaşı neighborhood and attended the Italian highschool. He completed his degrees in economics and statistics and later an MBA in Israel. Yet since then he has had �three careers� as he describes it, that took him to the other end of the world and back. He now works for a French-owned company in Israel.
Sevil started his path in management at Canon Israel where he was the head of marketing and sales and worked his way up to the vice president level. Before he could get too comfortable though, a high tech company, Supercom, recruited him to work in Hong Kong. After four years his path led him to agriculture and back to Israel where he now lives with his wife and children.
�I'm not an agriculturalist,� said Sevil. �I'm a manager. You just have to find the best people and then keep them.�
At Hazera he established the Turkish subsidiary and now heads the company's European ones. But he said Turkey is �his baby.� Growing up as a member of one of Turkey's minorities he said he never felt �different� in Turkey. �I always felt at home there,� he said. �I think Istanbul and Turkey have a good friendship for the good and the bad days.� He described how after the 1999 earthquake Israeli's �ran to help from the bottom of their hearts.�
Now working for a multinational seed company that has made acquisitions all over the world, he said Hazera has been an excellent school for him in the cross-cultural dimension through the perspective of business.