ISTANBUL - Hürriyet

Turkish construction firms are acting in solidarity as part of the EUbuild project, which aims to improve the standards of the building materials industry and to harmonize them with those of the European Union.
As part of the project, the Association of Turkish Building Material Producers, or İMSAD, has been nominated as the project leader for this first-time project of the construction sector. The organization will announce the project at the International Opening Conference at the Boğaziçi University Garanti Convention Center June 18 and 19.
The Turkish construction sector is becoming more competitive and globally important in a world dominated by technological innovation, and research and development, said chairman of İMSAD Orhan Turan at a press conference.
With the full support of the EU, IMSAD ranked first among the top 10 candidates. Meanwhile, all Turkish construction companies are in support of the EUbuild project, which also aims to improve the construction sectors in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.