TRABZON – Anatolian News Agency

Through a series of seminars, Turkish lender Garanti Bank aims to bring together experts in the mortgage and real estate sectors for the exchange of ideas.
One such seminar was held in Trabzon yesterday. �The mortgage sector underwent a 13-fold growth, while our bank experienced a 21-fold growth in the same period,� managing director of Garanti mortgage Cemal Onaran told a press conference.
He also emphasized that thanks to its professional staff, Garanti Bank arranges the distribution of the credit loans in the most feasible way in order to establish healthy relations with the customers.
�We have a wide range of offers to meet the multiple needs of our consumers,� said Başaran, noting that the four-days mortgage training programmes for real estate agents will continue.
Meanwhile, there are several reasons for the stagnation in the real estate sector, including the rise in interest rates, said the head of the Association of Real Estate Agents in Trabzon, Ayhan Taflan.