ISTANBUL - Referans

Thanks to the shopping centers being built all around the country, fashion designers are breaking the production pattern that was restricted to customer orders before.
The Galata Fashion Festival, which belongs to the Fashion Designers' Association and is hosted next to the garden of Galata Tower twice a year with the contributions of Beyoğlu Municipality and the Boyner label, was organized last weekend at Ümraniye Square with investment from the Metro Group. It will be at the Adana M1 shopping center from June 13-15.
People's interest for Galata Fashion increases year by year. Seeing the demand, fashion designers are looking for ways to leave behind order-based production and reach out to consumers directly. Shopping centers have become a significant stepping-stone for this new trend.
Sales doubled:
Fashion designer Bahar Korçan said, �We have had a special area for designers in Boyner stores for a while and the sales are on a good run. Metro Group has also been making offers to us, since last year. This year, we started the first cooperation in Ümraniye Square and M1. We plan that in the course of time Galata Fashion spreads out in Anatolia by means of such ventures.�
Stating that the event organized at Galata Tower in May proved to be more successful when compared to the one organized in December, Korçan also said the sales figures and the number of visitors have doubled. Korçan interpreted the success of Galata Fashion as �society's thirst for alternative Turkish design products.� She emphasized that the products at the event offer a significant alternative from the products of many brands in shopping centers and related the reason for that to the similarity of the identities of brands in shopping centers. �However, we produced more alternative products to market brands, in finite numbers. We kept our prices between YTL 50 and 350, trying not to exceed that figure. The consumer noted our difference as well. Numbers are the proof for that. The number of visitors doubled and reached 10,000.�
Turnover on the rise:
One of the designers at Galata Fashion, İdil Tarzi, underlined that the event is on the way toward comprising 15 percent of season sales. �We return with our stands completely empty. All products are sold. We attract such great attention that I remember myself going to the warehouse twice a day and coming back with parcels of products. We have already began preparing for the event in December. This time, my aim is to gain 30 percent of season sales from Galata Fashion.� Director general of the Metro Group Estate Management which hosted the Galata Fashion in Ümraniye, Gündüz Bayer, emphasized that the traditional festival took a step into Anatolia via Ümraniye Square and Adana M1 shopping centers.