Beijing - Agence France-Presse

A stuntman was killed when fire broke out during the filming of a crash scene for acclaimed director John Woo's latest movie.
The accident happened Monday morning when the crew was filming a scene for "Red Cliff" in which a small boat crashed into a big ancient vessel, on set in a northwestern suburb of the Chinese capital.
Lu Yanqing, a 23-year-old stuntman, was killed when the boats caught fire, the report said, adding another three people were rushed to hospital with unspecified injuries.
The rescue team was quoted as saying the crew might have accidentally ignited a flame that came into contact with inflammable gas on a boat, setting off the fire from which Lu was unable to escape.
Woo was in Hong Kong when the accident happened
"Red Cliff", an $80 million epic film starring Hong Kong superstar Tony Leung and Japan's Takeshi Kaneshiro, depicts events during the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China from 220 to 280 A.D.
It is divided into two episodes, with the first due to be released before the Olympic Games in August.