Earthquake Kills 3, Injures Scores in JapanBy VOA News
14 June 2008

Rescue workers holding stretchers to carry injured and elderly persons walk towards villages isolated by a landslide after earthquakeA powerful earthquake struck northern Japan early Saturday, killing at least three people and injuring at least 64.

Officials say the 7.2 magnitude quake was centered in Iwate prefecture, about 400 kilometers north of Tokyo. The quake was followed by at least one strong aftershock.

Japan's chief government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura told reporters that one of the dead was killed by a landslide, while another died when he ran out of his house and was run over by a truck. A third was killed at a dam construction site that was hit by falling rocks.

A small amount of radioactive water leaked in a Tokyo Electric Power Company nuclear plant, but operators said there was no danger to the public.

Authorities also said some train services were suspended. No tsunami warnings were issued.

Japan is a center of seismic activity, since it is located in an area where four tectonic plates in the Earth's crust are connected.

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