Senate Hearing Questions Pentagon's Approval of TortureBy VOA News
17 June 2008

Officials in Washington say a U.S. Senate hearing Tuesday is expected to place some top Pentagon officials at the very beginning of events that led to the use of abusive interrogation techniques on detainees.

A detainee, center, is escorted by U.S. military personnel at the detention facility on Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba (file photo)The hearing is also expected to reveal that military lawyers strongly questioned the legality of the interrogation techniques before they were used in Afghanistan, Iraq and at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay.

Senator Carl Levin, head of the Senate's Armed Services Committee, says detainee abuse is not the result of rogue soldiers - or what he called a "few bad apples, acting on their own."

Officials say an Armed Services Committee investigation found that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved interrogation techniques for detainees in late 2002 based on techniques used by a U.S. military agency that trains troops to survive while in captivity.

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