Ahmet Hakan: Documents of fraud Vakit daily has found a sinister way to avoid being sued for damages that can only be summarized as "a torrent of insult and getting out of a damages lawsuit."
The method used by these so-called “righteous” devils:
They cast ugly aspersions and defame the person they targeted.
This person then turns to the courts seeking compensation for the character assault.
The court finds in their favor of the plaintiff and awards compensation.
And then it is the claimant’s turn to retrieve the funds awarded by the court.
But what is that?
Vakit daily handed over all its revenue to a company called "Arslan Güneydoğu Gazetecilik, Matbaacılık ve Kağıtçılık AŞ" in Adana!
In this situation those who fall into the category of creditor, join nothing more than a “credit line”.
In other words, a sort of “blackboard” accounting.
Here is the reason for the fraudulent game…
To avoid the newspaper from being forced to pay a hefty settlement in the defamation case.
But how? A disregard of rights… A complete lack of respect for court’s decisions… Absolutely no belief in justice…
It seems that press that promotes itself as the “honorable voice of the believers” has the “arrogance of satan”.
Yes, Bravo! But don’t stop here…
At this point I want to ask outright the following question to Finance Ministry officials:
ONE: Is there a company called "Arslan Güneydoğu Gazetecilik, Matbaacılık ve Kağıtçılık AŞ" at No. 44 Istiklal Street in Adana?
TWO: What kind of commercial relationship exists between Vakit Newspaper and this company if indeed such a company exists?
THREE: In return for what did the newspaper grant all of its revenues to this company?
FOUR: Did Vakit establish a simulated relationship in order to get out of paying its debts?
I am waiting for the Finance Ministry to answers to these questions.
A letter sent to Aydin Dogan by the Press Advertising Association, in which the association tells Dogan’s lawyers, "The newspaper has handed over its all revenue to a company in Adana."
SECOND DOCUMENT: Eastern cunning
Did you hear?
The individual, Hasan Karakaya, who speaks to the media as Vakit daily’s authority and attacks anyone and everything in insolent manner, is said to work without receiving any financial compensation.
So this individual known as Hasan works for free or for God's sake.
How would I know? Again from a legal text. Again from a defamation case.
The situation is developing as: Hasan bombards people with insults. The finds in favor of those he has defamed and the court demands he pay compensation.
But try getting this money from Hasan if you can.
You demand it, but he won’t give it. When you contact his newspaper on the matter, they respond by saying: "Hasan does not receive any financial payment from us... Hasan writes for us without receiving any money. This is how it has worked for years."
So then, does this mean that Hasan work without insurance? We don’t know...
How is Hasan able to support his family? Does he make money by driving taxis at nights? We don’t know.
But there is one thing we do know: Hasan is cunning. He is so cunning that thinks that everybody else is a fool, but only he is clever.
Only Hasan? There is also a writer at Vakit daily known as Ali Ihsan.
Apparently he does not receive any wages either. Is writing just a hobby for him too?
How does he make his living? Where does the money to come from to pay for his children’s education?
The answers to these questions are unknown.
Because he is cunning too.
Even he is the eastern cunning at work.
At this point I am speechless.
A huge bravo to you Hasan...
Bravo to you too, Ali Ihsan...
You, my friends, feel free to continue to dish out your insults because you already have the perfect methods to get out of any difficult situations with those methods that even cheat the devil.
The individual known as Nuri Aykon, who is shown as the owner of Vakit daily, says, "Hasan Karakaya and Alı Ihsan Karahasanoglu do not receive a salary from the newspaper," in the text he sent to the Sisli Bailiffs Office.
You say "Jewish are cursed."
You cite the holy book as a reference to "your ordinary fascist" opinion.
And by doing so make a big mistake...
You don't need to have a deep understanding of 'Islamic theology', 'canon law', 'religious precepts' to understand your mistake...
A little wit, a little empathy and a 'humanitarian perspective' would be enough for you.
Look at it this way: you had been born to a Jewish family in Poland instead of a Muslim family in Kastomonu province of Turkey.
I mean, you are not a little Muslim baby, but a Jewish baby...
And according to your thesis: You are a cursed baby!
And let’s now look at the issue in this way:
Does the God, who you believe carries the meaning of being just a God in all of his 99 names, curse a baby without any sin?