McCain Courts Law Enforcement, Obama Religious GroupsBy VOA News
01 July 2008

Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain greets the National Sheriffs' Association meeting in Indianapolis, 01 Jul 2008U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain has vowed to stay on the offensive against violent crime, boost support for law enforcement and appoint federal judges who he says put the rights of law-abiding citizens and victims first.

The Arizona senator Tuesday was addressing a national conference of sheriffs in Indianapolis, Indiana.

McCain criticized a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last week that banned the death penalty in child rape cases. He noted that while Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama also disagreed with the decision, Obama supports justices on the high court who made the decision.

McCain pointed out that the next president will appointed hundreds of men and women to the federal courts. He vowed that as president he would nominate qualified candidates with, in his words, "a proven commitment to judicial restraint."

Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama arrives in Columbus, Ohio, 01 Jul 2008 Meanwhile, Obama is expected to announce Tuesday his support of a plan to strengthen a Bush administration program that gives federal dollars to religious charities.

The Illinois senator is expected to unveil his plan during an appearance before a community ministry group in Zanesville, Ohio.

Later Tuesday, McCain beings a three-day visit to Colombia and Mexico. He is scheduled to arrive in Cartagena, Colombia late Tuesday.

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