Ankara’s water clean, ASKİ manager says

Ankara's water supply is clean and safe, Ankara Waterworks Authority (ASKİ) Deputy General Manager Mahmut Emirdoğan has said, also noting that Ankara will not experience water shortages this summer.

Emirdoğan was speaking ASKİ's İvedik water purification facility on Monday. "We provide Ankara with water that meets world, European and Turkish standards. We take samples of water from 660 points, determined by the Ministry of Health. These samples are analyzed daily for microbes and chemicals," he said and added that water is monitored until it reaches the end user.

He said ASKİ is confident about the quality and purity of the water provided. The water treatment facility utilizes the latest in treatment technology; it has a chemical treatment facility, a sand filter, a sedimentation basin and a disinfection facility. To further increase public confidence, samples will be sent to İstanbul University, Marmara University, the State Waterworks Authority (DSİ) and the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) for additional analysis. Emirdoğan also noted that Ankara, which suffered water cuts last summer, will not see any water cuts this summer. "Our subscribers should use water economically year round. Water is limited in Turkey as everywhere in the world. We need to conserve our water use."