ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

It may be six weeks before a verdict is handed down following the hearing to outlaw the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, Osman Paksüt, acting president of the Constitutional Court, said Thursday.
Abdurrahman Yalçınkaya, the chief public prosecutor, filed the suit in March to outlaw the party, claiming it has violated Turkish law by becoming a focal point of anti-secular activities. Court officials said Osman Can, rapporteur of the case, would begin compiling the court's report following AKP deputy leader Cemil Çiçek's verbal courtroom defense.
Due to the importance of the case, none of the top court's 11 members will leave Ankara until they have rendered a verdict, Paksüt said. �Members will begin their work on the report as soon as it is completed. It is impossible to give an exact date now. It could be as long as six weeks. There are too many annexes and pieces of evidence. It will be a substantial analysis, but we have the intention of concluding the case as soon as possible,� Paksüt said, indicating that the court may announce its decision in early August.