BODRUM – Turkish Daily News

Seven members of an İzmir cycling association arrived in Bodrum on a 700-kilometer trip to draw attention to global warming, reported the Doğan news agency yesterday.
Members of the İzmir Bicycle Association, consisting of teachers, students and pensioners, who have followed the Kuşadası and Milas road for three days after starting from İzmir, will cross the Bodrum-Datça-Fetiye-Marmaris road route and end their journey in Kaş, Antalya.
Tour leader Mehmet Savaşçıoğlu said members of the group have been telling locals in the villages they pass through the reasons and consequences of global warming, and the cautions people can take individually against the growing environmental problem. They advocate for the use of bicycles instead of motorcycles, and suggest turning off unused electronic equipment in houses.
Emphasizing that the group's goal is "to leave a livable world", Savcıoğu said: "The antagonists of global warming are the nations that don't sign the Kyoto contract. The wastes of multinational corporations, gases that are released without being filtered, the pollution of seas, lakes and rivers are causing global warming. When the temperature rises, precipitation decreases and drought happens. Summers get longer and winters shorten. The derangement in seasons and precipitation rate causes harm to agricultural products.�
�Global warming is polluting our air and water and threatening humanity with hunger,� said Savcıpoğlu, adding the members of the association will pedal for 10 days to draw attention to the threat.