ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

New general elections could contribute to renewal and normalization in the country, said a top Justice and Development, or AKP, member who is said to be spearheading the formation of a new political party, live on television channel NTV yesterday. �Turkey needs an election in the near future,� maintained Abdullatif Şener.
Şener said the Ergenekon case, which led to 58 arrests and over 100 detentions in the last year without an indictment, is creating uncertainty in the society. �How many years will it take for a case to be solved, if its indictment is prepared in one year? Is it possible to end before five years? It is a basic rule of law. As long as the judiciary did not give its ruling on a person, that person is considered innocent,� Şener said, adding that the longevity of the case is damaging everybody. �Think that a process whereby Turkey's most well known people are kept under suspicion for five years. Does that make any sense?� he asked.
Prosecutors in the Ergenekon case have yet to release the official indictment, but many suspect that the goal of the arrests and detentions was to unearth a clandestine organization poised to stage a coup, creating mayhem through bombings and high profile killings to prepare room for the forced removal of the government. �If the allegations prove to be untrue, it will be a more grave situation,� Şener underlined.
Şener said Turkey must have a political party with a political line beyond right wing left wing divisions. �Current political parties give no sign of a will to change. Turkey is passing through a polarization period for a long time. For over a year, people think that there is a political vacuum in the country,� he said.
�Politics have lost its ability to solve problems, on the contrary, people believe that it is the source of the problem itself,� Şener added.