DİDİM – Doğan News Agency

The town of Didim in the southwestern province of Aydın has seen a boom in the number of real estate agencies recently. The total number of agencies in the town is 1,680, of which 680 are legal and the remaining 1,000 illegal.
Osman Coşkun, chairman of the Didim Association of Real Estate, said, "There are over 1,000 houses for sale in Didim. The profit of this business pushes people toward the real estate market." People who want to work in this business are required to join the association, which is a new “must” introduced by the town council.
In Didim, a popular spot for Brits, a large number of offices are filled with real estate agencies. A total of 680 real estate agents opened their business with legal permission of the municipality and tax administration by presenting a certificate from national education centers, while 1,000 others turned their houses into offices and began unregistered real estate dealings in restaurants and bars, or through the Internet.
Coşkun said that unregistered real estate agencies seriously harm the professional ones. "There are people who do real estate in kebab houses, bars, Internet cafes and even through their mobile phones. These people are stealing the earnings of the people who earn their living by legal and registered real estate dealing. All the apartments in one complex in Didim were sold without the knowledge of the landlords," he added.
Coşkun said a commission consisting of commerce chambers, trade corporations, the municipality, the provincial directorate of industry and association representatives will survey all of Didim to ensure unregistered real estate agents are identified and face legal action. The association introduced a resolution stipulating that those who want to open real estate agencies should obtain permission from the town council of Didim and join the association.
Çoşkun reported that the town council wrote in its findings, "It is decided that real-estate agents who want to open a business must be a member of the Association of Real Estate in order to keep the labor force capacity under control, strengthen the quality of the work and make active use of the coordination between institutions."
Meanwhile, emphasizing there was a significant decline in prices after the suspension of real estate sales to foreigners, Coşkun said, "There are 10,000 homes and summer houses waiting to be sold in Didim, with prices ranging from YTL 50,000 to 150,000. After the suspension of real estate sales to foreigners, prices fell by 30 percent."