İZMİR - Turkish Daily News

Studies by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality regarding geothermal fields in the seaside town of Seferihisar have come back with satisfying results.
After the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources bequeathed the geothermal wells owned by the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute in Seferihisar to the İzmir Geothermal Corp., owned in part by the İzmir municipality, for 49 years, the company pressed forward with the work and with studies of a large area to determine the capacity of Seferihisar's geothermal field. It has been reported that the wells that the company was drilling have just been finished and have acceptable temperature and flow for tourism, heating, agriculture and electric production.
Situated in a forested area, the G18-A well, the drilling of which has just been completed and which is now being studied with the permission of the District Office of Forests because of its location, is reported to reach temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius. After 301 meters of drilling, it is stated that the temperature of the well can change and may rise. The flow of the thermal water, which is very strong, is over 200 cubic meters. The thermal energy provided from the well in southern Seferihisar will be used at nearby tourist facilities and in heating systems.
The CM-6 well, the drilling of which was completed last month, will be used, with its 148 degree Celsius temperature and its 100 cubic meter per hour flow in electric production.
Stating that the municipality is giving the studies that plan to increase the use of geothermal energy in İzmir great importance, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said the reserve capacity of the Seferihisar field will be set and the investments will be done accordingly. According to Kocaoğlu, the results of studies of the opening wells are satisfying. "We can easily produce electric energy from the capacity of our wells on the northern areas. The south side of the field has less temperatures due to its feeding on sea water. Therefore, we will use the water from that area for thermal hotels and heating. Also, this particular water can be we easily used in greenhouses and farming areas. These results will make a doping effect to the peninsula tourism and make great contributions to energy production," he said.

The İzmir Geothermal Corp. continues its negotiations with the World Bank for the loans to conclude the investments and increase the use of geothermal energy. Over the last month a committee from the World Bank has been studying the thermal area. The meetings with the bank are expected to conclude during the upcoming months.