Amid economic and political uncertainty in the real estate sector, companies have started to come up with different sales opportunities in order to attract the attention of the customers, including one particular scheme by an agent who operates in İzmir's Alaçatı district.
�We will grant the right to possess the neighboring villa, which is comprised of three rooms and a living room, with no extra payment, for the one who is willing to purchase this villa.�
This is Bilal Yalvaç's offer to customers who come to buy another villa he is selling with six rooms and a living room. �The owner of the real estate accepted my offer since the sector is confronted with extreme stagnation,� said Yalvaç. �The number of customers who would like to possess the villa has experienced an increase in the aftermath of the inclusion of the small neighboring villa to the sales price. I believe the villa will be sold at this price,� he added.
People generally come and ask for prices without necessarily having an intention to buy real estate due to adverse market conditions, Yalvaç noted, but he said he is still hopeful that the villa will be sold. He added that $330,000 is a reasonable price for this type of villa, noting one can generally purchase a 125-square-meter villa in İzmir for somewhere between YTL 250,000-400,000, though there can be alterations in the price depending on the condition, location and the view of the villa.
The twin villas Yalvaç is selling are 250 square meters in size, and they are normally sold at a price of $330,000, a bit higher than YTL 400,000. These villas are built in compliance with the basic requirements of earthquake regulations and have a separate swimming pool, according to the agent.
Yalvaç emphasized that the prices of the villas had initially been set at YTL 500,000, adding that they were later set at YTL 300,000 as a result of stagnation in the sector. �In fact, this decision has extremely positive impacts for those who have enough money and who would like to own a summer house in the region, since they can purchase a villa or a summer house at relatively favorable conditions,� Yalvaç said. �Meanwhile, the Port Alaçatı project has been launched with the objective of transforming the region into Turkey's Venice, a beautiful city in northern Italy. The villa that we are trying to sell is located at the center of Alaçatı, at a walking distance to both the Port Alaçatı project and the beaches in the region,� he noted.
Yalvaç underscored that Alaçatı has been adversely affected by the stagnation in the sector. �The real estate sector is so volatile in the sense that there is no problem concerning big sales projects. There are companies who search for lands that cost above $50 million and that are ready to sacrifice huge sums of money to launch their projects,� Yalvaç said. However, he said the projects that target middle and lower income groups are inadequate.
�Neither the consumers nor the owners of the real estate can make a guess concerning the future of the sector. Those who would like to possess villas in the area declined significantly. Meanwhile, there are also some famous people who search for land and who would like to purchase villas in the region,� he added.
Yalvaç said the villas were constructed approximately 10 years ago and have three bathrooms and a three meter-wide terrace. They have a swimming pool that is up to international standards and an artesian well. They are situated 300 to 500 meters far from the sea.