The social facilities of Tulip-A project, Social Club, are set to open Wednesday, with a special ceremony.
Tulip-A project, which sits on an area of 300,000 square meters in Istanbul's Hadımköy district, is comprised of 127 villas and 56 apartments. Each villa, which is situated on a 2,000-square meter plot, encompasses a separate garden and a swimming pool. The construction of the villas began in 2005 and they are now ready for delivery. The project embodies a wide range of social facilities such as indoor swimming pool, spa, fitness center, sauna, children's playground, shopping center, café, parking garage, tennis courts, football grounds and ballparks.
The project, which has views of the Marmara Sea and Lake Büyükçekmece, attracts attention due to its modern architecture. The project is regarded as one of the most complex real estate projects to have been recently constructed with its open spaces, diverse social facilities and round the clock security.