Cüneyt ÜLSEVER I am confused… really… because we are living in a very confusing period. The media constantly cause disinformation and I am getting more confused.
The detention of two retired top generals as part of the Ergenekon crime gang investigation is a first in Turkey; therefore it is extremely important. Since I am a person who spent my youth listening to the memories of others in the Metris Prison, the generals being sent to Metris has symbolic meaning for my generation.
I am 57 years old and saw three-and-a-half military coup d'etats, so many “coup attempts.” I think these two retired generals were not so innocent in office or in their retirement period. If the prosecutor hadn't had strong evidence in hand, he hadn't made such an attempt. This is what I think and what I want to believe. But I am getting more confused every day.
A police game?:
I was appalled to hear the questions asked to daily Cumhuriyet's Ankara representative, Mustafa Balbay, during his interrogation. I had the impression that the police were not conducting a serious investigation, yet playing a game.
Daily Milliyet's Can Dündar wrote that a researcher co-authoring a book with Celal Kazdağlı on the Ergenekon was faced similar questions while giving his deposition that lasted two-and-a-half hours at the Prosecutor's Office. Then I got more confused!
The most important phase in the Ergenekon probe is the detention of the two retired generals.
However, if they made a coup attempt while they were on duty, shouldn't this case have to be followed by the court martial? Since former Chief of General Staff Gen. Hilmi Özkök curbed their attempts, why is no one taking his deposition? I am asking again, where is the author of the “Coup Diaries,” former Naval Force Commander Adm. Özden Örnek?
If the real plan is to bring the coup attempt code named the “Glove,” which was planned for their retirement period, rather than the two previous “Gold Coin” and “Moonlight” attempts, where is this 40-person team who were supposed to launch the coup? Are these coup-attempters consisting of cowards because only 250 people joined the rally orchestrated by the former owner of the Kanaltürk TV, Tuncay Özkan?
Since the Kemalist Thought Association and Ankara Chamber of Commerce cannot directly plot a coup, who are the extensions in the Turkish Armed Forces? Or these generals were sketching some plans while sipping their teas yet the commanders on duty didn't care enough to submit a complaint to the Prosecutor's Office. Was that so? Could it be possible that the generals on duty learned the coup plans from newspapers as we did? Or is this urge for a coup is a passionate love that the beloved is unaware of?
I wrote on July 3:“We heard the news that the Ergenekon indictment would be ready at the weekend. The latest detentions on Tuesday will be included in an additional indictment. This is a first ever that you are taking generals under custody; not only Turkey but the entire world is curious but you will not include these names in the indictment?”
The long-awaited indictment:
On Friday we learned that the two generals will also be covered in the long-awaited indictment! Isn't it the same Prosecutor's Office that first announced the document will be ready over the weekend, asked the arrest of two retired generals and postponed the release of the indictment God knows for how many times?My sincerest wish is to see the indictment's being released as soon as possible; I do hope it is full of evidence so that no one will have any reservations and I wish the coups period comes to an end in Turkey!