ANKARA - TDN Parliament Bureau

Following former top Justice and Development Party, or AKP, member Abdüllatif Şener's decision to launch his own political party, seething AKP members asked for his resignation Monday.
Some AKP members, during a Central Executive Board, or MYK, meeting, came up with an accusation that Şener is making statements closer to ones opposing the Ergenekon case, and argued that he should resign immediately. The MYK decided to ask Şener for an explanation regarding the accusations in the Central Decision Making Board meeting to be held Friday. If Şener maintains his current attitude and doesn't resign, disciplinary action for expulsion will be launched.
�If he flirts with other formations, his abdication from our family will be more suitable for us,� said Mustafa Elitaş, AKP group vice president. Another vice president, Nihat Ergün, claimed that there are some other things that Şener has to do before forming a new party. When he was asked whether he implied a resignation, Ergün said Şener will think of this himself, referring to the necessity of Şener's resignation.
Although Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan heard the reactions and took some notes throughout the meeting, he did not make any comments, the Turkish Daily News learned.
The MYK will wait for Şener's resignation, but will also grill him on his proposals for a new movement during Friday's meeting if he attends. Disciplinary action is likely to be started if he does not attend the board meeting. The disciplinary board will then demand an explanation from Şener. However, the expectation is that he will submit his resignation before Friday.