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The court hearing the murder case of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink asked yet again for the Istanbul Police Department to submit information that police had received about threats on the victim's life prior to his murder, in an interlocutory decision Monday.
If the police department did not send the information, legal action would be started against the officials under an allegation of neglect of duty, the court decision said. Dink had said before his murder that he was threatened in Istanbul governor's office by two people who were allegedly intelligence officials.
The court also asked the Trabzon Police Department for the identities of some code names that Erhan Tuncel, the suspected inciter of the murder, who was alleged to be a former police informer, gave in his testimony recently.
The court then accepted the demands of Tuncel and the Dink family's lawyers to listen to Engin Dinç and Ercan Demir, two police intelligence officials in Trabzon, adding their names to the witness list.
Trabzon is the Black Sea province that was the hometown of the suspects.

Link with Santoro case?
The court also asked about the situation with the case file on Catholic priest Andrea Santoro's murder in Trabzon. The court demanded the case file in order to examine whether the legal process in the case was complete in the Supreme Court of Appeals. Santoro, 61, was shot to death by a 16-year-old teenager in his church in Trabzon on Feb. 5, 2006. The teenager was sentenced to 18 years and nine months in prison, but his lawyer appealed the decision.
The identities of those people who communicated with Tuncel over e-mail, and Microsoft's Internet service, MSN, addresses that other suspects revealed in their petitions to the court, will be determined as well. The court asked the Microsoft corporation's Istanbul office to identify the IP addresses of those people Tuncel contacted, and the dates of the communications. The bank accounts of the suspects and those of relatives of Ogün Samast, the murder suspect, will be examined as well. The court also asked for the list of visitors and for money inflow and outflow in the name of Yasin Hayal, a suspected inciter, while he was incarcerated in Bayrampaşa prison.

Trial of leaking images goes on
The trial of two police officers will continue today in Samsun on charges that the two officers leaked video images of Hrant Dink's murder suspect Ogün Samast after he was arrested and of keeping the suspect in the police department cafe in Samsun instead of in jail, the independent news site BİANET reported.
However, the police officers that posed with Samast in front of a calendar with a Turkish flag and a saying from Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, on it have not been judged. The motion by the Dink family's lawyers to judge the officers was rejected by the court. The court today will decide about giving the whole video records to the family's lawyers.