İZMİR - Turkish Daily News

A female elephant in the İzmir Zoo widowed after the death of her partner is preparing to meet her new spouse, to be brought from Israel. Preparations are already underway at the zoo for the arrival of the new maugh elephant.
Begümcan, who seemed lonely after the death her longtime companion, Bahadir, will be happy once again, authorities hope. Commissioners, who earlier went to Israel to look at the new elephant, were promised the elephant by authorities from the Israeli National Zoo. Now the promise will be kept. Intense preparations are going on at the zoo for the arrival of Israeli male elephant, Winner. As a part of the preparations, the shelter in which Begümcan is living is being widened by workers, who are working intensely with heavy construction equipment. Commissioners at the zoo said that Winner, who will be arriving from Israel in two weeks, will live in the same shelter as Begümcan, and said that is why they are widening the shelter. They also said they are planning to build a pool inside because elephants love water.
The people of Izmir like elephants, according to the commissioners, who said people are likely to like Winner as well. They said they are anxiously waiting his arrival and that he will probably come by sea with Israeli elephant specialists.