İZMİR – Doğan News Agency

A researcher who invented a "Clever Hat" that uses salt hydrates to make 50 degrees Celsius weather feel like 35 said his project has been held up by China. Professor Işık Tarakçıoğlu, noting there are no longer any hat producers in Turkey due to the cheap market in China, said he is waiting for support.
"We created adhesive pouches on every hat. With these pouches we prepared the phase-shifting substances in three different weights. Since we can't manufacture �clever hats,' everyone must use our hats cleverly. We will sell hats on order for 2.5 YTL for people so that they will not feel the heat and get sunstroke," said Tarakçıoğlu.
Tarakçıoğlu, who is the coordinator at Ege University's Turkish Foundation of Textiles Research Center, said his team developed phase-shifting products in labs to reduce the effect of the sun. Noting that temperature can rise above 50 degrees Celsius in some areas of the country and that some employees cannot avoid the sunlight despite warnings from specialists no to go outside if not necessary, Tarakçıoğlu said the team is working quickly on its �smart� textile products.