ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

Istanbul's current water reserves apart from consolidation from the Melen River would suffice until October, said Mayor Kadir Topbaş in a press release yesterday, adding that although there won't be any cuts, residents should continue to use water sparingly.
�High temperatures increase the amount of water lost through evaporation,� Topbaş said. The Melen River project is not a fiasco, Topbaş said, adding that the river continues to provide around 400 cubic meters of water. It is an important source that can provide up to 700 cubic meters, he said. The first stage of the Melen project, to bring water to Istanbul, has been completed, Topbaş said. The second stage of the project is to bring water from Melen to Istanbul's dams, while the third stage is to build a new dam. The projects to build biological purification facilities for creating new water resources continue, Topbaş added. The efforts to build more dams and find alternative water sources continue, Topbaş had said Monday, but noted that the municipality needed three or four more years to execute those projects.