Briton jailed over coup plot A court in Equatorial Guinea convicted former British officer Simon Mann of being the key player in a failed 2004 coup plot in this Central African nation and sentenced him to 34 years and four months in prison. Judge Carlos Mangue upbraided the 55-year-old Briton, saying he "had failed to show an attitude of regret" despite his apology before the court.
MALABO - The Associated Press
Three police killed in Chechnya
Three officers have been killed in a southern Russian province near Chechnya, police said yesterday. The local Interior Ministry said unidentified gunmen riddled a police car with bullets that killed three officers inside in the Kabardino-Balkaria regional village of Baksan. It also said that the gunmen made off with the officers' weapons and ammunition.
MAKHACHKALA - The Associated Press
Korea nuclear talks to resume
Six-party talks aimed at ending North Korea's nuclear weapons plans will resume tomorrow, seeking to move forward a disarmament deal, China said yesterday, confirming an announcement from South Korea. Pyongyang last month handed over a long-delayed list of its nuclear activities and blew up a cooling tower of its key reactor site, which made plutonium that was usable for weapons.
BEIJING - Reuters