ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

Turkey's Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, or ISPAT, and transport and air freight company DHL Express are set to launch a campaign today, promoting investments in Turkey.
The first stage of the campaign, starting today, includes the slogan “Investors Love Turkey, Turkey Loves Investors” printed on packages being sent abroad from Turkey. It is estimated that these packages will reach some 150,000 recipients around the world each month. In the second phase, starting in September, the slogan will be printed also on TIR trucks exiting Turkey. In the third phase ISPAT will organize a press tour for foreign journalists introducing investment opportunities in Turkey. The third phase is slated for November.
Sympathetic image:
ISPAT President Alparslan Korkmaz told reporters the new packages aim to attract potential investors' interest in Turkey overseas. “We want to convey a witty, dynamic, self-confident and sympathetic image of Turkey with this campaign,” he said. “The annual growth of the Turkish economy, at 7 percent on average, making the country the 15th largest economy in the world and the sixth largest compared to the 27 European Union member states, has started attracting attention,” he added.
Michel Akavi, director of Middle East, North Africa and Turkey at DHL Express, noted the campaign's costs are low compared to the results it is likely to achieve. “A campaign like this does not cost much, but will be efficient. In no other country except Turkey has DHL engaged in activities like this,” he noted.
Attractive environment:
In 2007, Foreign Direct Investments, or FDI, to Turkey totaled $22 billion. First half figures for the current year are expected to be released later this month.
Akavi noted that between 2002 and 2007 the national income of Turkey increased by 187 percent. “Exports, on the other hand, experienced growth of 197 percent and reached $107 billion in 2007. Over the same period, our exports to the region around Turkey increased by 478 percent, and imports increased by 340 percent. Seeing these figures we can say Turkey is a country with attractive conditions for foreign investors,” Akavi said.
ISPAT's planned activities this fall also include translation of an investment guide to Turkey into Korean, which will be published in three weeks, as well as the distribution of flyers with information on investments in five-star hotels in Turkey. The flyers are already being distributed on Turkish Airlines flights.