UĞUR CEBECİ Swiss, still Swissair After a long pause, I flew from Istanbul to Geneva. This flight is planned to ease your time scheduling in the middle of Europe, and it catches the day right from the start, also offering perfect connections.
I was fascinated as I boarded the company's Airbus A319 at Atatürk International Airport. Swiss has changed as a concept, but for me it is still Swissair. The best treat for me was a bottle of water for every passenger distributed right after boarding.
Slim but extremely comfortable and ergonomic seats have added a serious privilege to the Swiss plane. An indispensable part of the company's European culture and an indication that everything was in accordance with hygiene was the fresh odor one smelled on boarding the plane.
Before takeoff, announcements were made in three languages, including a perfect Turkish, which showed the airline is a couple of steps ahead of others. The clear announcements were accompanied by graphics emphasized by effects.
During the flight to Geneva, passengers had a perfect treat. Refreshments distributed before the meal and then a satisfying, but not overblown, rich main course. For me, such a treat stands at no less than number one in international flying pleasures.
The flight continued with the pilot's informative talks, addressed in a timely manner. The cabin crew's care for passengers had an above-standard quality. All of these show that Swiss is, in essence, that legendary Swissair.
In some airlines, whether they go through economic crises or change names, one observes a structural development as opposed to a decline. The reason is the institutional architecture that especially airline companies should attain. Swiss, for me, is using the interest from a perfect institutional architecture that was built during Swissair times. And it is not being spendthrift. That is why Swiss will always be one of the best Central Europe-based companies. It does not matter if it was betrayed by bankers of its own country; its resistance will always be strong, thanks to its institutionalization.