A construction firm in the Aegean city of Aydın is offering a new car free of charge for customers who buy a house as part of its new promotional campaign.
The construction market and the real estate sector in particular are confronted with deep stagnation, said Çağdaş Can Öztürk, a partner in the company, adding that the number of real estate sales in the Aegean and Mediterranean regions and in Istanbul has declined remarkably. The impact of the mortgage crisis that took place abroad, the fluctuations in foreign exchange and the deterioration in the purchasing power of citizens are the major reasons behind the stagnation in the real estate sector, said Öztürk.
�We have launched this type of a campaign in order to promote our projects concerning the housing complexes in Aydın's Kuşadası district and houses in Aydın. We call this project �two keys with a single price,'� said Öztürk.
Öztürk noted that the average price of villa-type houses in Kuşadası currently stands at 130,000 euros, while the price of apartment-type houses with 2+1 plans varies between 65,000 and 75,000 euros.
The price of houses in Aydın ranges from YTL 145,000 and YTL 155,000, said Öztürk.