KUŞADASI - Anatolia News Agency

The beach police that was first formed in the resort town Kuşadası in the province of Aydın will patrol again this summer season after its great success last year. Kuşadası Police Commissioner Şenol Zeybek said with the tourism season kicking off at the beginning of summer, police have taken precautions to ensure the safety and peace of tourists, noting that the beach police are actively fighting theft and purse-snatching. Saying that the beach police was formed last year and had satisfying results, Zeybek said security precautions for the tourism season had been taken. �Our police department has increased its personnel from 255 people to 325 with the support of the Aydın Police Department. We have formed checkpoints at the Kuştur and Davutlar district exits." He also said the police have increased the number of motorized units and gained speed in arriving at crime scenes in areas closed to traffic.