Turkish company Hasanoğlu İnşaat is continuing the delivery of houses in the last stage of its Banu Evleri, Lal Katlı Evleri project, located in Istanbul's Bahçeşehir area.
The Banu Evleri project, which sits on an area of 103,000 square meters, is comprised of multiple-story houses and villas.
Lal Katlı Evleri represents the integration of city life and nature, uniting modern life with traditional neighborhood concepts. It consists of 10 blocks and a total of 171 houses. There are five different types of houses, with sizes of 131, 148, 175, 185 and 350 square meters. The minimum price of a multiple-story house begins at YTL 300,000, while the minimum prices of the villas begin at $550,000. The delivery of the houses in the project, which began in January 2008, continues, and 60 percent of the houses in the project have already been sold.
The housing complex provides diverse social amenities for its residents, such as shopping centers, a fitness center, an open and closed swimming pool, tennis courts, a ballpark, a football field, an open and closed parking garage and a surveillance camera system that works 24 hours a day.