holam. H. MESBAHHis Excellency Mr. Javier Solana, the European Union Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy,

For years, the Group 5+1 and your organization have persistently pressured the Islamic Republic of Iran to cease its legal challenge in the field of nuclear energy and its rights under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, or NPT. The treaty states, “A country has the right to enrich its own fuel for civil nuclear power, under inspection from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).”

Iran wants to produce its own fuel. It has a sovereign right to peacefully pursue the development of clean energy for its people. Yet, 5+1 and your organization have been publicly denouncing any such prospect by Iran, not due to any past actions that show Iran would not abide by the rules set forth in the treaty, but by some speculation that Iran might violate them in the future.

The irony of this situation is not lost on the Iranian people; that the very powers that question Iran's ability to follow a peaceful path in a nuclear energy program are the very same who own nuclear weapons and have utilized them.

It is arrogant and presumptuous of these Western powers to prevent a country like Iran, with its 2,500 years of written history, legal systems and civilization, from pursuing a nuclear program simply because there is a possibility of it developing weapons.

It is apparent that the real issue here is not the development of nuclear weapons, but rather the ongoing imperialist economic oppression of the developed nations upon the rest of the world. Oil production worldwide has passed its peak and is in steady decline, and it is clear that nuclear and other alternative energy sources will be imperative to secure the futures of Iranians, and all other nations who rely on oil as the primary source of energy and a national source of income.

Limiting access to peaceful production of nuclear energy is also oppressive to the intellectual and academic development of a country like Iran. If our scientists and students do not have the opportunity to study nuclear physics, then what chance do we have in meeting the challenges of a worldwide energy and economic crisis in the coming decades?

Why not protect ourselves?:

You say, “First stop enrichment, then we might talk!” You ask us to believe that you have our mutual interests at heart in preventing nuclear proliferation, when all you have done in the past is pursue your own selfish economic goals at every cost to the Iranian people, and all other people in the developing nations of the world.

Your allies are rich, powerful and equipped with modern, highly sophisticated weapons. You have the capability to attack Iran same as many other places which you have before. Ever since the Islamic Revolution freed the Iranian people from an oppressive puppet government anointed by the West, rightwing religious zealots in America have been demanding the literal destruction of Iran. So why shouldn't we develop weapons to protect us against you and hostile neighbors that you have imposed upon us?

We know our history and are witnesses in our time as well. When will you take lessons from history? How many times have the United States, France, England, Germany, Spain, Portugal and other superpowers been forced to apologize for their senseless attacks upon innocent people whom they terrorized for their own selfish economic gain? Vietnam, Korea, Algeria, Libya, Bosnia, Somalia, Congo and South Africa, to name a few. Not to mention the direct attacks in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Chile, Argentina and the Philippines, plus the countless other sovereign states whose governments were forced out by a military coup.

Today the people of Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering due to your unjust support of aggressive and reckless policies of the United States of America. Generations of Palestinians have suffered due to such policies.

Limiting Iran's right to nuclear energy will have serious and long-lasting effects in Iran's economic development. Iran should not and will not permit the perpetuation of social and economic oppression by the West. I hope you and your organization will take a cooperative rather than aggressive stance with Iran with respect to its nuclear program because it is the right thing to do and hopefully Iran's development of clean nuclear power will symbolize the end of the era of Western oppression in Iran.

Very truly yours,

Gholam. H. Mesbah