KP should live:
Yusuf Kanlı's argument in his piece �Build-up of a crisis� (July 3) was well constructed, but still wrong. I could not but wonder where Turkey can go while the AKP (Justice and Development Party) government is being threatened by the courts, despite the objections from the people Turks aspire to join — the Europeans, Westerners in general, and the worldwide Muslim community as well.
The very success of AKP has been that it has managed to gather the support of such different groups. It made Turkey a better place to live in. One headscarf scares the secularists? It is pathetic. I only hope that justice, as defined by the righteous principles, prevails, and not the justice of the fanatic secularists. And if this means shaking the foundation of the people whose watch has stopped with Atatürk, so be it!

Baton Begolli, Italy

There is no �modern' Islam:
The article of Barçın Yinanc in the TDN on June 17, �Decoupling Turkey from Islam,� was right to the point. People need more of these arguments to see the reality and the fabric of social cohesion in Turkey. Most of Turkey is not made of Arabic-influenced Islam or so-called �modern Islam.� You are either Islamic or not Islamic. There should be no other contrasting view such as �moderate� or �modern� Islam.

Veyis Haydardedeoğlu, Australia