MUĞLA – Anatolia News Agency

A 550-year-old cafe three kilometers from the city of Muğla that used to serve as lodging for nomads has recently undergone a major restoration and will soon begin serving customers.
Having been restored by its current owners, Süpüroğlu Cafe, located on Muğla's Karabağlar Plateau, will soon open to serve locals and tourists. The six plane trees located inside the garden of the cafe have been registered and preserved by Muğla's Commission for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage.
Sadettin Ünsal, a member of the Muğla Provincial Council and one of the owners of the cafe, said the owners' goal in renovating the cafe was to preserve the historic institution, which he said reflects the culture of Muğla.

Ünsal said the owners are happy to open the cafe to tourists. "Süpüroğlu Cafe is on the mend. We preserved the six plane trees, which are the symbols of the cafe. We will pass this cafe to the coming generations. There will be a market, a restaurant and a cafe, just like in the past."

Saying he carefully chose the supplies used in the restoration, Ünsal said, "We haven't touched the historical fireplace and the ash pan. We restored the historical building with juniper, just like in the old times. The trees were uprooted from the debris of the Seki Plateau in Fethiye. The restoration cost nearly YTL 350,000."

Noting that Süpüroğlu Café was originally built to provide nomads with a place to stay, Ünsal added, "Our purpose is to perpetuate the culture of Muğla and pass it on to the future generations. We want to share this historical cafe with tourists and our guests.�
Ünsal said that the cafe would offer traditional foods that reflect the culture of Muğla. �We want to show the cuisine and the hospitality of Muğla.�
The restoration work has been completed and the cafe will be ready to host guests in approximately 10 days.