MUĞLA – Anatolia News Agency

A recent ceremony marked the opening of the historic Kızılada Lighthouse in Fethiye, which has been rented to a private company for 49 years and has only recently been restored and opened to tourists.
The lighthouse in Kızılada near the shores of the Mediterranean was rented to a private company by the General Directorate of Coastal Security for 49 years. The company that rented the lighthouse, the Kızılada Tourism Corporation, has now restored the surrounding buildings and put the lighthouse into service.
Hüseyin Türkkan, an administrator for the Kızılada Tourism Corporation, said the marina and restaurant near the lighthouse have now been opened for tourists. "Kızılada is one of the best places where one can experience the sunset. We preserved the lighthouse's construction and design. We are planning to extend our hospitality to locals and tourists who take a �blue voyage' (a boat cruise along the Mediterranean coast). Our guests can sail around Kızılada at sunset while having dinner accompanied by music.�
The company plans to supply the electricity for the complex by wind and solar energy. It has also built a system that can make fresh water out of seawater. �We will filter the dump water of our institution and use it in watering," emphasized Türkkan.
The chairman Turkish Association of Travel Agencies, or TÜRSAB, Başaran Ulusoy, who was among the participants at the event, said restoring historical places and opening them to tourism is very important.
"We don't want tourists who come to the hotel and spend their holiday just seeing the airport. We need to increase the number of our attractions. Our income from tourism will rise if we carry out restorations such as this."
A business owner in the tourism industry, Ali Ağaoğlu, was among several at the event who said Turkish tourism should no longer be only about sand, sea and sun.