MUĞLA - Doğan News Agency

Due to concerns raised by an increase in forest fires in the province of Muğla, the governor has released a warning saying that entering forested area except for public promenades and picnic areas is strictly forbidden. The critical areas will be guarded around-the-clock by county police and fire fighters. Due to an increase in forest fires and recent desert-like heat, Muğla Governor Ahmet Altıparmak released the notice, warning all public organizations that major tourist areas like Fethiye, Bodrum and Marmaris are crowded and that as a result officials are alarmed at the prospect of forest fires. Saying that 68 percent of the province is forested area, locals were asked to be cautious given the risk of fires. The notice said the temperature is above normal and that the precipitation rate has been particularly low. County police and fire engines will guard the critical areas 24 hours a day. Entering forested areas except for public promenades and picnic areas is strictly forbidden, according to the notice. All forested areas except Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Saklıkent, Kıdrak, Küçükkargı, Katrancı, Mersinlidere and Değirmenbaşı, Aşı port in Ortaca district, Marmaris İlçesi Çubucak, İnbükü, Günnücek, Bucak, Çetibeli and Pamucak, Datça district, Kovanlık, Milas, Usuluk and Güvercinlik glade recreational facilities are forbidden. The notice particularly emphasizes that lighting a fire is forbidden. "The temperature is highly above the normal values and the damp rate is very low. We are alarmed against forest fires in our district. Lighting a fire or bringing a flammable object to the glade and contiguous areas are strictly forbidden. We will research the whole area to prevent any trimming of leftover stubble and olive groves to catch fire. The locals will also be warned with megaphones and other means of communication to be cautious." Locals are asked to call the 177 Forest Fire Hotline if they see any smoke or fire.