ISTANBUL - Milliyet

Workplace accidents in Istanbul's Tuzla shipyards, which too often result in deaths, have been high on the news agenda of the press for some time. However, figures show the number of workplace-related deaths in construction have surpassed those in shipyards.
Data from the Social Security Authority, or SSK, reveal the construction sector ranks first in the number of worker deaths and permanent disabilities. The data disclosed that a total of 7,143 work accidents took place in the industry throughout 2006. During that time, 297 workers lost their lives in accidents, while 428 were left disabled. This bleak picture reveals the inadequacies in the sector's supervision and safety mechanisms, according to observers.
In contrast, 170 accidents took place in shipyards in 2006, resulting in 10 deaths, according to SSK data. Registered employees for 2006 stood at 28,500 in shipyards, while 1,141,000 work in construction.