The Marmara Hotel & Residence plans to expand to 40 hotels within 10 years and aims to become an international hotel chain, said the general coordinator of Marmara Hotel & Residence Wednesday.
Serdar Alp Turan organized a press conference in Taksim Wednesday to explain the company's investments and targets. The group owns six hotels located in Taksim, Pera, Şişli, Bodrum and Antalya in Turkey and one in Manhattan, while it has a total of 10 facilities including Esma Sultan and Residences in Pendik, Suadiye and Çamlıca, said Turan.
Turan noted that they have entrusted the administration of an 18-year-old family company to a professional cadre and they have taken crucial steps with respect to institutionalization. �Our main strategy is to focus on the hotel business in cities. Conti The Marmara, our first hotel in this category, will open in September in Istanbul's Şişli district,� Turan said. Turan pointed out that the group plans to go public in the medium term.
Turan said the group has a total of 1,233 rooms and a bed capacity of 3,218, adding that the group ranks as the second hotel chain with the greatest capacity. Meanwhile, we aim to rise to first rank, Turan said.
Turan said the company, which had occupancy rates of 73 percent for 2007, aims to reach 80 percent occupancy rates this year. The company also aims to achieve 95 percent customer satisfaction, Turan added. The Marmara group will begin to operate under the rubric of two different brands from now on, noted Turan. Turan said their five-star hotels will function under the title of �The Marmara,� while the hotels that will be built as three to four-star hotels will operate under the rubric of a different brand.
Turan said the group aims to establish itself as a global brand as a hotel chain and they started to carry out works via the process of institutionalization that took place in 2003 in order to achieve this target. We plan to put into effect a share holders' committee in the upcoming period, added Turan.
�We aim to invest particularly in Istanbul and all the burgeoning cities of Turkey. In addition, we plan to realize our investments abroad including New York, prominent European metropolises, and cities that Turkish businessmen constantly launch projects in like Sofia, Baku, Bucharest and St. Petersburg. We also continue our negotiations in Kiev to realize investment in the area,� Turan said.
Turan underlined that the group needs to invest $1.5 billion for the construction of new hotels, adding that the company plans to achieve this target through its own resources, credits, extending its royalty or through administering in the name of the property owner. The building we purchased in Mecidiyeköy will begin to operate as The Marmara Şişli in September, Turan said. Turan noted that they invested $5-6 million for the renovation of The Marmara Istanbul. We are also searching for appropriate investment areas in Ankara, Turan added.