ISTANBUL - Milliyet

Australian-based Doka, a well-known formwork company, has decided to make Turkey a new production base, according to Suavi Gürel, general manager of Doka Turkey. Doka's formworks were used in the world's tallest tower Burj Dubai, along with the Green Point stadium which was constructed for the football World Cup that will be held in South Africa in 2010. Gürel also said construction materials of the Marmaray project, which provides an upgrading of the commuter rail system in Istanbul, connecting Halkalı on the European side with Gebze on the Asian side, were also produced by Doka.
�We invested 5 million euros in Gebze Güzeller industrial district, which sits on an area of 17,000 square meters and constructed a production plant in the area,� said Gürel. �We will realize 5 million euros of investment in the area until 2010.�
�We had difficulty in convincing Australians to realize investment in Turkey. However, they decided to do so, observing the growth in construction during the last three years,� he continued. �Nowadays, the sector encounters a slowdown, yet it experiences a 20 percent growth under improving conditions. We did not expect the growth that occurred in 2005,� he added.
Gürel said Doka plans to produce formwork for projects including construction of dams, bridges, viaducts and high buildings, adding that the special formworks will be produced in Gebze. Gürel also emphasized they will move their investments toward Central Asia. �We have been serving Turkish contractors in all parts of the world. Doka-affiliated companies operate in Russia, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Libya and Qatar. We will also take our place in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan and Georgia,� Gürel said.