GAZİANTEP - Anatolia News Agency

Sanko Holding, a Turkish company with interests in areas such as textile, finance, food and health, is preparing to enter the housing market too.
As a first step, the group plans to build triplex villas on 550 dunams of land in Gaziantep's Serince district.
Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Sanko Holding Chief Executive Abdülkadir Konukoğlu said they employ 15,000 people in 12 sectors and housing will be in addition to these.
Speaking of the group's housing project in Serince, Konukoğlu said their aim is to build triplex, villa-type houses with gardens. �Our target is to appeal to the middle classes,� he said. �The Serince project will start next year. We will prepare the project and then launch a tender. Our only condition is that the winner buy cement from us.�
Noting that the group has lots of land, Konukoğlu said Sanko may also engage in long-term sales.
Explaining the rationale behind the timing of the decision, Konukoğlu said one should �enter a business at the worst possible moment,� because in that way one can realize opportunities.