Some of the novel accessories for bridal parties now available in Turkey are so shocking that they make the bride and groom figurines atop Turkish cakes look embarrassed. As wedding season kicks up her heels, would-be brides are celebrating their last days of single life with nights ranging from the wilder foreign hen party to the henna party, the Turkish favorite..Ceyden San, founder of the �Parti Paketi�, says, �People getting married first time usually prefer more romantic accessories while the veterans of vow exchange tend to go wild.�Bachelorette parties recently brought their caravan of debauchery and flashy paraphernalia to Turkey from the West. However the place to be for more reserved Turkish brides-to-be has long been Club Cahide in Istanbul. Different gatherings are organized here based on the traditional Turkish �henna night�. Some groups throw house parties and others book small bars or karaoke clubs.
Turks consider foreign traditions 'morally improper'
Garter belts for brides-to-be, Playboy-ish bunny ears, tacky tiaras, wearable silicone breasts and life-size angle wings symbolizing innocence are among the naughty maidens' party supplies that have made their way to this largely traditional Muslim country.San of Parti Paketi teams up with Aslı Pak Atansay to sell imported party supplies and specialty cakes in two stores in Etiler and Harbiye. Atansay says people in Europe and the United States go crazy over bachelor party accessories but in Turkey these products are not in broad demand. �Turkish traditions regard such wild accessories as devil horns or handcuffs as morally improper," she said. Nonetheless Turkish women and foreigners alike are free to order the full regalia and accoutrements from stores in Britain: (Stag Weekends & Hen Nights by Last Night of Freedom. We organise fantastic Hen Weekends & Stag Nights., My Party Planet Fancy Dress Costume Party Masks Party Suplies UK, hen Night Accessory / Stag Party Supplies Hen & Stag Party Shop).
Two other stores in Istanbul selling party supplies are Parti Shop and Parti Dünyası, but their concepts are tamer than their continental counterparts. They offer balloons, confetti, balloons filled with Helium gas (YTL 3) and lanterns (YTL 3.90). Stores in Tahtakale also offer supplies for bachelorette parties.

Women try anything but men shyer
Supply and demand for bachelor parties is gradually increasing, said San. She said people see different items at parties and come to her store asking for similar accessories. �Women will try almost anything in the store,� she said. Even if they don't buy it, they will try it on and giggle. But men show no interest in these items.�

Busty cake or prince sandwich anyone?
Cakes sold at Divan, Beyaz Fırın and Foodie pastry shops ranging from the traditional to the wayward will suit any pre-wedding bash. One Divan cake depicts a couple in bed under a comforter donning a heart design. Another alternative preferred for stag parties and grooms-to-be offers a seductive half-naked woman lying on the bed. Each slice is priced at YTL 12. One option from Beyaz Fırın includes a woman with big breasts coming out of a box. These come in either raspberry or pistachio and cost YTL 7-8.5 per slice for a minimum of 15 people. Focusing on brides-to-be, Foodie offers chocolate cakes featuring a prince kneeling in the marriage proposal fashion. In a wacky departure from any tradition, another cake features a prince wrapped in a sandwich.