KUŞADASI – Doğan News Agency

A police dog on duty for two years in the resort town of Kuşadası in Aydın province who searches for bombs every day at a beach filled with locals and tourists has become something of a town mascot. Haydut has always played with his owner on the beach after doing his job with great accuracy and has now become something of a beach mascot, according to many locals.
Haydut participated in a field exercise recently following a training course at the Ankara Gömeç Dog Training Center. Tourists anxiously watched the dog as he quickly found a hidden audio system and a camera filled with explosives. After completing his mission successfully, Haydut posed with tourists who wanted to take souvenir photographs. Haydut, who later played with his owner, was at the center of attention of both tourists and children.
The chief of the county police, Şenol Zeybek, said extreme security measures were in effect on all streets and beaches in Kuşadası. "Haydut is working for one of our important organizations. He is a special dog. Only five or six out of 100 trained dogs can become bomb experts. The successful dogs who go through tough and intense training take part in social events, ceremonies and special occasions.�
Zeybek said Haydut has been very successful in these courses and that the dog takes his duty seriously. �After he has completed his usual patrol on the beaches where our locals and tourists try to cool off, our beach police take over. Besides our specially-equipped beach police, our plain-clothed police also intervene in any unpleasant circumstances."