ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

Former Chief Prosecutor Sabih Kanadoğlu compared a politicized judiciary to �a boomerang� in comments on recent developments in the Ergenekon case, in an interview aired live on CNN-Türk.
�The issue is involute. Although the case should only be dealt by the judiciary, present appearance shows the affair is directly affected by politics and it has turned into an issue guided by a part of the media,� Kanadoğlu said.
�It is unpredictable how, whom and when a politicized judiciary will hit. In other words, it should be known that one day such a judiciary will be against oneself like a boomerang,� Kanadoğlu said.
While listing the judicial possibilities of the questioning regarding the �Ergenekon Terrorist Organization� and �coup attempt� claims, he underlined that executive action is required to try someone for an attempted crime of being a member of a terrorist group. Kanadoğlu maintained that planning an executive action doesn't mean taking an action. �The difference between the inchoative action and executive action should be determined. Inchoative action isn't regarded as crime,� Kanadoğlu added.
Meanwhile he criticized the Justice Ministry's right to examine official reports of questionings and court cases through the National Judiciary Network Project, or UYAP, a system for digitalizing documents, and argued the network should be under the authority of the Supreme Council of Judges not the Justice Ministry.�
Kanadoğlu also stated the possibility of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan running as an independent candidate, but not as the founder or member of a party, if he is barred from politics.