ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

It was perhaps Abdüllatif Şener's last academic activity yesterday when he promoted his new publication titled �Development of Transparency in the Ottoman Treasury,� a product of Şener's one-year breather from politics.
�I will not extend my contract with the university,� Şener told reporters during the promotion of his book at TOBB University where he was lecturing finance. �I will be busy with the formation [of the political party],� he said.
Last week, Şener resigned from the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, where he was one of the founding members in 2001, in order to be able to start his own political movement. �It was a peaceful breakup which has never been seen in our politics,� Şener said.
My political aim, he stated, is to bring about a new societal culture that would make everyone in this country love each other and every institution trust each other. �These are Turkey's fundamental needs. My success will depend not on the vote but on the level of my contribution in meeting these needs,� he said.
Şener also described his methodology in politics as free of brawl; something Turkish people have been seeking for long. �I believe the entire country agrees on this. I love everyone in this country regardless his or her political party,� he added.

Team to be built
For the time being, Şener seems to be alone in his efforts, an outlook he himself confirms. �My team will emerge as I conduct my meetings with some personalities,� he said.
Salim Ensarioğlu, deputy leader of the Democrat Party, or DP, and Cavit Torun and Abdülbaki Türkoğlu, former AKP deputies were present yesterday during Şener's book introduction.
Political observers in the capital argue that Şener's party will only be seen as a point of attraction if the AKP is closed. A number of AKP deputies are expected to shift to Şener's party in the post-closure period depending on the future leadership of the AKP's successor.

Good reception in Ağrı and Konya
Following in the footprints of traditional Turkish politicians, Şener repeated what is quite common in politics and started to visit Anatolian cities to see firsthand how his movement is assessed elsewhere. �In Ağrı a convoy composed of around 1,000 vehicles and in Konya one of 2,314 welcomed me. This is worth drawing attention to since this was not something organized by me ahead of time,� he said.
He said he will be in Denizli on Wednesday for a conference and he will continue his visits. But what is urgent for Şener is to find financial resources for his party. In an interview last week he said he was seeking financial sponsors to be able to hasten his political campaign.