ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

A pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party, or DTP, deputy denied there is tension within the party due to upcoming leadership elections at the party's convention Sunday.
“There is a sense which wants to see such tension in our party. But we are a party on a mission and the result of a belief. We'll surely discuss freely, but there is no difference in any of my friends' wills,” Ahmet Türk, the DTP's Mardin deputy, told reporters late Monday on the sidelines of a Bastille Day reception here.
There were allegations that Türk and another influential figure in the party, Emine Ayna, were in disagreement about the policy to be pursued regarding the settlement of the country's Kurdish question. “It was Emine Ayna who was the main supporter of my chairmanship. But there is no struggle for the post,” Türk maintained.
“I think that Emine Ayna and I will continue to run the party as co-chairs,” he added.
The party is expected to elect a new leader and other high-level decision-makers during the convention this weekend. The party's former leader, Selahattin Demirtaş, was forced to resign after a military court found him guilty of escaping compulsory military service using fake health reports.

What about the Ergenekon of the east?
Meanwhile, Ayna, co-chair of the party, criticized the ongoing closure case against the DTP, saying, “A party who entered Parliament through the people's vote should not be disbanded,” in an address to the party's parliamentary group yesterday,
Ayna described the Ergenekon case as a “historical opportunity” and asked authorities to go all the way to find those who are behind the plans to stage a coup in the country.
“But we also want to ask the prime minister: When will you face with the Ergenekon that took place in the eastern part of the Euphrates?” Ayna stated, recalling numerous extra-judicial killings in southeastern Anatolia in the '80s and '90s.