ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

Turks prefer assistance in kind, not in cash, according to a recent survey conducted of recipients of aid from the Social Assistance and Cooperation Department.
The department has given assistance to almost 1.2 million people in the last five years and a study conducted to assess the satisfaction of the recipients found that Turks prefer aid in coal, flour or pasta to cash in hand, according to private CNN-Türk news channel.
It appears the reason for this preference is that 70 percent of the recipients were women, who may be afraid their husbands would take the money and spend it on something else.
Deputy Prime Minister Hayati Yazıcı said the highest number of aid recipients was in the province of Diyarbakır, followed by Bursa and Samsun. In regional terms, most aid went to the eastern and the southeastern regions of the country.
The study found that 80 percent of the recipients were �satisfied� with the aid they received.
According to the results, 70 percent of the recipients were over 35. In addition, 70 percent of recipients were women, due to the fact that education and medical aid are given directly to mothers rather than fathers.
Yazıcı also dismissed criticism of the department for distributing coal aid in the summer. �It is impossible to distribute the million tons of coal in the middle of winter. Aid recipients are grateful for the assistance.�
He also said that a database was being prepared to prevent abuse of the aid system.
�We will know who gets how much aid. We will also have a single format ap