ANKARA – Turkish Daily News

A prosecutor launched an investigation yesterday against the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party, or DTP, for speeches delivered by party brass and for chanting slogans praising the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, the Anatolian news agency reported.
The DTP completed its second convention Sunday and elected Ahmet Türk and Emine Ayna as co-chairpersons of the party.
The probe will be made on charges of praising the crime and criminal under Article 215 of the Penal Code. The prosecutor has demanded audio and visual evidence from relevant organizations, according to Anatolia.
Alongside flags of the PKK, a picture of that party's imprisoned chief, Abdullah Öcalan, was also displayed in the large hall. A Turkish flag was also flown, but Turkey's national anthem was not played during the convention.
In addition, many DTP officials, including Türk, referred to the jailed leader of the PKK as �sayın� -- a word that denotes respect in Turkish similar to the English sir � which is a crime in Turkey. In the past, many DTP officials have been tried and sentenced on charges for this kind of behavior.
The DTP is already risking closure on charges of having ties with the PKK and engaging in separatist activities. The party will make its verbal defense before the Constitutional Court on Sept. 16. Predecessor parties of the DTP were all closed on similar charges.